LandlordsNewsletterA57-Fall2016, Page 1

LandlordsNewsletterA57-Fall2016, Page 1

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Landlord-Tenant Law: Pets – and Service and Support Animals – Part 1 of 2


an a landlord restrict or prohibit

a tenant from keeping pets?

What are the risks of allowing a tenant to keep pets? Here we present

some issues surrounding your ability

to restrict pets — and potential

liability issues when pets are allowed.

Our next edition will publish Part 2

of this article, discussing “Service and

Support Animals” in detail.

Questions About Pets

1. Can you completely ban pets

in a lease? Yes, unless it is an animal

required by a disabled tenant as a

reasonable accommodation of his or

her disability or a service animal.

2. Can you specify that only certain

breeds or only certain types of

pets will be allowed? Yes, with the

possible exception of an animal that

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Tenant’s Right to Have Pre-Termination Inspection of Residential Tenancy Premises

By Gary Link, Attorney at Law


rior to the termination of a

residential tenancy, and separate

and apart from the issue of termination of the tenancy itself, often

comes the Pre-Termination Inspection .

When a landlord or property manager

has collected a security deposit, then,

prior to termination, a tenant generally

is entitled to receive an advance

written notice of his or her right to a

“pre-termination” inspection. This is

the Notice of Tenant’s Right to Request

Pre-Termination/Initial Inspection of Residential Tenancy Premises.

In those circumstances, when a tenant requests a pre-termination inspection, it must be conducted, and the tenant timely thereafter provided with an Itemized Statement of Deficiencies from the landlord or property manager.

The written notice from the landlord or manager informing the tenant of his/her

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