LandlordsNewsletterA57-Fall2016, Page 13

LandlordsNewsletterA57-Fall2016, Page 13

“Her B e’ r s uc W e h M a i t lls W ... orks”

A Legislative Victory in Nashville

Last July, Pacific Legal Foundation filed an amicus brief supporting a family’s right to advertise and rent out their Nashville home via Airbnb. One issue addressed in the brief is the city’s ban on signs that advertise a home’s availability as a short-term rental.

The family wanted to place a small, temporary sign in their yard during a popular festival in their neighborhood, and to put a small sticker in the window to inform their guests that this was the correct home. The Nashville Metro government informed them that these signs were not allowed. Believing that the sign ban was an unconstitutional violation of their First Amendment rights, the family sued.

Just one month later, the Metro Council unanimously voted to repeal the unconstitutional sign ban. Now they and all Nashville homeowners are free to place signs and advertise their home’s short-term rental availability. Other unconstitutional aspects of Nashville’s short-term rental ordinances remain, however, but those issues will be addressed in the pending lawsuit.

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